Talent Acquisition

Fulcrum HR Consulting Talent Acquisition

Sourcing the right talent is critical to the success and sustainability of your company. It can be an overwhelming, protracted process with a wide margin of error for many companies - particularly smaller companies that either have small or non-existent HR staff.   Fulcrum HR Consulting can take the lead or assist in your talent acquisition quest. Our extensive talent acquisition experience allows us attract and vet candidates to fill your open position quickly. We've successfully filled professional staff level positions to C-Suite executive level positions for our clients. 

Available Talent Acquisition Services Include:

  • Create a Talent Acquisition Strategy Based On Your Unique Culture and Staffing Needs

  • Research and Determine Total Compensation Package Based on Position

  • Create Legally Compliant Job Descriptions & Job Postings

  • Source Active and Passive Candidates

  • Interviewing

  • Reference/Background Checks

  • Offer Creation

  • On-boarding