Learning and Development


A business can offer the best product or service, but without updated, relevant and consistent training offerings to employees, it is being exposed to unnecessary legal risk. Have your managers been trained in the basics of employment law, performance management and harassment? If the answer is no and you haven't experienced problems in the past, consider yourself lucky.  Aside from the very real legal risks, you also want to protect the investment you have in your employees by continuing to develop their skills.  The availability of development options is one of the best employee retention tools you have as an employer.

Fulcrum HR Consulting offers either on-site or webinar training to help mitigate the risk component and to develop your managers skill-set. 

Some of our customized training options include:

  • New Manager Training

  • Employment Law

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Relations

  • Harassment

  • Leadership

  • Diversity & Inclusion