HR Consulting and Outsourcing

Fulcrum HR Consulting & Outsourcing

Fulcrum hr consulting services offering:


  • HR Set-up - we can assist with setting up the basics of getting a new company up and running by recruiting employees, creating policies and procedures, establishing compensation and benefit programs, researching and shopping payroll and benefit providers.

  • Talent Acquisition - we can develop a talent strategy to attract the right candidates to help ensure the success of your business. This will be achieved through improved social media strategies, a review of employment branding and appropriately channeled talent sourcing.

  • Compensation Strategy - we can help create a competitive total compensation strategy that may include base pay, bonus, commission and benefits to appropriately reward employees and stay within budget.

  • Benefits Review & Recommendations - we can review your current benefit line-up and offer advice on potentially more cost-effective, market competitive benefit strategy initiatives.

  • Policy & Procedure Review - from a compliance standpoint, regular reviews and updating of your Employee Policy Manual/Employee Handbook is essential. We can help ensure that your policies and procedures are reasonable, clear, effective and compliant with local, state and federal law.

  • Performance Management - by bringing all facets of performance management together - goals, development and rewards systems, we can help create a new system or tweak an existing one to better define expectations in objective, measurable terms.

  • Change Management - Change is inevitable and unfortunately, change initiatives are frequently both poorly planned and communicated to employees. Let our vast experience in the area of change management help your company finesse the manner by which it handles sensitive situations.

  • Retention - winding down a business/department takes time. Frequently, there is a need to retain key employees to ensure a smooth wind-down or transition. FULCRUM can assist your company with identifying key employees to retain and by designing an appropriate retention compensation package based on the needs of the business.

  • Company Outplacement Assistance - we offer one-on-one or group Outplacement Assistance services to companies that are downsizing. Services include resume and social media profile reviews, networking and interview preparation assistance.

  • HR Outsourcing - for smaller companies that do not have the need for on-site HR, but do need experienced, professional HR direction, FULCRUM can provide certain month-to-month HR services, on retainer, to ensure that your business provides the necessary HR support to grow your business.

  • Special Projects - we provide services for unique, one-off projects not included in the listing above. Tell us what you need.

  •  Expert Witness - offering over 20 years of senior HR experience to provide an opinion in regards to the evidence or facts within a court case.


Talent Acquisition

Fulcrum HR Consulting Talent Acquisition

Sourcing the right talent is critical to the success and sustainability of your company. It can be an overwhelming, protracted process with a wide margin of error for many companies - particularly smaller companies that either have small or non-existent HR staff.   Fulcrum HR Consulting can take the lead or assist in your talent acquisition quest. Our extensive talent acquisition experience allows us attract and vet candidates to fill your open position quickly. We've successfully filled professional staff level positions to C-Suite executive level positions for our clients. 

Available Talent Acquisition Services Include:

  • Create a Talent Acquisition Strategy Based On Your Unique Culture and Staffing Needs

  • Research and Determine Total Compensation Package Based on Position

  • Create Legally Compliant Job Descriptions & Job Postings

  • Source Active and Passive Candidates

  • Interviewing

  • Reference/Background Checks

  • Offer Creation

  • On-boarding


Learning and Development


A business can offer the best product or service, but without updated, relevant and consistent training offerings to employees, it is being exposed to unnecessary legal risk. Have your managers been trained in the basics of employment law, performance management and harassment? If the answer is no and you haven't experienced problems in the past, consider yourself lucky.  Aside from the very real legal risks, you also want to protect the investment you have in your employees by continuing to develop their skills.  The availability of development options is one of the best employee retention tools you have as an employer.

Fulcrum HR Consulting offers either on-site or webinar training to help mitigate the risk component and to develop your managers skill-set. 

Some of our customized training options include:

  • New Manager Training

  • Employment Law

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Relations

  • Harassment

  • Leadership

  • Diversity & Inclusion